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Dynavin N6-DAB+
( N6-DAB+ )

The Official Dynavin DAB+ Tuner is an advanced Digital Radio receiver for use with Dynavin N6 car multimedia/navigation systems. With this Digital Radio tuner you will be able to pick up available DAB+ radio stations using your Dynavin system. The N6-DAB+ decodes DAB+ radio stations and is suitable for use in the UK and Europe. The N6-DAB+ is compatible with N6 platform Dynavin...

£116.66 exc VAT
(£139.99 inc VAT)

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Dynavin N6-MOST
( N6-MOST )

Dynavin N6-MOST Adapter for integrating with OEM Fibre-Optic Amplifiers. The Dynavin N6-MOST is a plug-and-play adapter required in vehicles which have an original Fibre-Optic amplifier installed at the factory. Vehicles with this type of audio setup do not have speaker outputs at the original head unit, but instead have a fibre-optic plug connected to an external amplifier....

£58.33 exc VAT
(£70.00 inc VAT)

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